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How to Make a Spoon Ring! youTube video

How to Make a Spoon Ring

Nylon Hammer
Hand File
Goggles & dust mask
Black rubber wheel
Brush finish wheel
Sanding discs (rough)
Liver of sulfur
Ring mandrel
Foredom tool
Pickle pot & pickle
Soldering block

Step 1: Selecting a spoon
Find a spoon between 4-6 inches

Step 2: Anneal the spoon
a) Cover the spoon with flux, place on soldering block
b) Heat the spoon with bushy flame until dull cherry red (caution: HOT!)
c) Quench spoon in pickle pot (beware of flash)
d) Rinse and dry once cooled

Step 3: Flatten spoon bowl with Nylon hammer

Step 4: Start to wrap ring around mandrel
a) Use "spiral" method
b) Use hammer to round out the rest of the spoon

Step 5: Clip off bowl, trim as needed

Step 6: Finish end
a) Hand file
b) Sanding discs (rough finish)
c) Black rubber wheel (fine finish)

Step 7: Patina ring
a) Place in liver of sulfur, stir often
b) Remove and rinse once blackened

Step 8: Brush finish or polish to your liking